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JACOB Ethical Cashmere Fitted Hoodie Sweater

Color: Quartz

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Cruelty free

Fair trade

Product Description

It's not everyday you see a sleek fitted hoodie that can be worn while lounging at home, but also uphold striking elegance when you're out at night. The Jacob Fitted Hoodie takes an elevated and neat approach to this casual category, offering a snug hood, tapered sleeves and a relaxed fit down the torso. 

Material: 100% Pure Cashmere Knit | 12 gauge 2 ply yarn
Dimensions: Measured from size Large: Length – 27". Fred is wearing size Large.
Model Measurements – Height: 6’2” | Waist: 32” | Sleeve: 34" | Collar 15.5” | Inseam: 34”
Made In: Nepal
Care: Hand wash or Dry Clean Only

Social Impact

10% of all proceeds are donated to the Nepal Youth Foundation that brings freedom, health, shelter and education to Nepal’s most impoverished children. Here are just a few of the incredible ways our customers are contributing to support NYF’s mission: $100 provides nutritious meals to 100 children impacted by the COVID lockdowns, $250 supports a child in Kinship Care for four months, and $500 buys fresh food for 40 children in NYF’s care for one month. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on our concerted efforts with NYF.

About the Brand

Founded by Giulia Giancola & Vlad Litinetsky, CASHE fuses their passion for sustainability, philanthropy and craftsmanship. Inspired by Nepal’s landscape, they decided to create timeless, statement pieces that are meant to last forever. Their garments are handmade with high quality, ethically-sourced cashmere in Nepal by local artisans across Kathmandu. The brand donates 10% of their total sales to the Nepal Youth Foundation.

Sustainability Practices

1. Local
CASHE is dedicated to supporting Nepal by sourcing all of our woven products and
accessories from the local craftsmen & women, suppliers, and small workshops.
Furthermore, philanthropy is tightly woven into CASHE’s direct-to-consumer business
model, introducing a unique and natural connection between Nepal and consumers
across the globe. 10% of all proceeds are donated to the Nepal Youth Foundation
that brings freedom, health, shelter and education to Nepal’s most impoverished
children. Here are just a few of the incredible ways our customers are contributing to
support NYF’s mission: $100 provides nutritious meals to 100 children impacted by
the COVID lockdowns, $250 supports a child in Kinship Care for four months, and
$500 buys fresh food for 40 children in NYF’s care for one month. Subscribe to our
newsletter for updates on our concerted efforts with NYF.
3. Fair Trade:
CASHE is committed to uphold the standards and practices of Fair Trade, with
emphasis on 4 key areas: fair wages and equal pay for equal work to women and
men, safe and empowering work conditions, cultivate environmental stewardship,
and respect cultural identity.
Below is a comprehensive breakdown of each area, per our agreement with our
Manufacturers and Suppliers:

a. Pay Promptly and Fairly: The Supplier seeks to ensure that income is
distributed equitably at all times, particularly equal pay for equal work by
women and men. The Company is to take steps to ensure that the Supplier
has the capacity to manage this process by providing prompt payment on
production. The Supplier ensures to fulfill all minimum wage and fair wage
requirements for all of its employees, independent contractors and wage
workers pursuant to the prevailing laws.
b. Support Safe & Empowering Work Conditions: The Supplier ensures a safe
and healthy working environment free of forced labor for craftspeople and
factory employees. The Supplier ensures all local, provincial and federal
occupational and health safety standards and guidelines applicable for all of
its employees and contractors are complied with and makes available all such
protective equipment that may be required to prevent any accident or
occupational health and safety hazards during the performance of their
assignments. The Supplier seeks to eliminate discrimination based on race,
caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union
membership, political affiliation, age martial, or health status. The Supplier
supports its workplaces free from physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal
harassment or abuse.
c. Cultivate Environmental Stewardship: The Supplier actively considers the
implications of its actions on the environment and promotes the responsible
stewardship of resources. The Supplier reduces, reuses, reclaims, and
recycles materials wherever possible. The Parties encourage environmentally
sustainable practices throughout the entire trading chain.
d. Respect Cultural Identity: The Supplier respects the development of products,
practices, and organizational models based on indigenous traditions and
techniques to sustain cultures and revitalize traditions. The Parties agree to
balance market needs while positively supporting Nepal.
To further promote best practices, CASHE enforces various quarterly screenings,
vetting processes and organizational examinations to verify the Supplier's
commitment to Fair Trade practices.

4. Organic Materials
Grade Cashmere is classified into grades – A being the greatest quality and C being the
lowest quality. The grade of cashmere is determined by the microns (diameter) and
the length of the cashmere fibers. The cashmere fibers that our pieces are
composed of are 14-16 microns and 34-36mm in length making CASHE Grade A in
Gauge refers to the number of stitches and rows per inch in the specific cashmere
article – essentially it is a measure of how tightly the cashmere yarn is knitted. The
smaller the gauge typically signifies a lighter and more delicate fabric, while a larger
gauge signifies a heavier and more durable fabric. All of our cashmere ranges from
6-12 gauges.
Ply is the number of cashmere threads twisted together to make the cashmere yarn.
Our Cashmere ranges from 2-Ply to 8-Ply. The greater ply signifies a greater warmth
of the cashmere.
5. Circularity
Cashmere is a natural fabric that is indeed biodegradable. CASHE’s design ethos is
to create timeless articles of clothing that become increasingly softer over time,
allowing them to be cherished forever. Our styles do not conform to the latest
fast-fashion trends and are designed with resale value in mind. Using high quality
materials, we ensure a long wardrobe lifetime on our pieces and allow for many
consumers to wear and re-wear CASHE through means of borrowing, renting, and
second-hand services. Furthermore, we sell cashmere care items (cashmere comb
and cedar rings) on our ecommerce shop to allow our customers to keep their
Cashmere in mint condition.
Additionally, we have plans to offer a recycling service to our customers in the next 5
years. Under this service, CASHE customers will be able to send back their old
CASHE items to be recycled by our production team in Nepal and turned into yarn for
new collections. As an incentive, our customers will receive a 25% discount on their
next purchase.
6. Cruelty Free
100% CRUELTY-FREE: Our cashmere originates from free-roaming goats of the
Himalayan Mountains. Nepali herders bi-annually hand-comb these goats using
cruelty-free methods. This gentle process focuses on brushing and collecting the
soft undercoat of the goats.
7. Vegan
Though our cashmere is not technically considered vegan as it's made from goats’
wool, our processes in retrieving this material is 100% cruelty free via bi-annual
hand-combing techniques. Additionally, we never mass-produce. We focus on
smaller collections and limited quantities of our items as a method to minimize any
waste and also to ensure a herding process that we can stand behind.

8. Environmental Conscious Processing + Reduced amount of Water, Waste,
Carbon and Pollution

Our herders and manufacturers are educated on and 100% committed to best
practices of sustainability. Furthermore, our manufacturers are certified members of
the Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal, a service oriented and non-profit
organization that aims to enhance and promote handicraft trade and industry. For
more information, please visit:
CASHE is a boutique cashmere clothing company, and we pride ourselves on small
inventories to reduce water, waste, carbon and pollution. With our cashmere being
made in Nepal, we eliminate a lengthy transport of cashmere yarn to our
manufacturing facilities. Given the nature of cashmere being a natural fiber, we do
not have any products containing microfibers, therefore our products do not cause
micro-plastic pollution. In addition to never mass-producing, we have a small range
of color variants offered to reduce the amount of water and pollution used in the
dying process. The wastewater of the dying process for textile companies is the
most polluting of all industry sectors. We have taken this into account and have
found ways to reduce this waste by managing our inventory and using the same
water from the dying process of one item across multiple items. We use low impact
dyes that are AZO free.
We also have taken the environment into account with our packaging, styling and
branding elements. On each clothing item, we have a 100% natural cotton tag that is
screen-printed and sewn into each garment by hand. In our lifestyle photoshoots, we
style CASHE with second-hand accessories or pieces from our personal wardrobes.
We use noissue packaging for all of our outgoing shipments, including our mailing
envelopes, branded stickers, tissue paper, and tape.

Additionally, we are in the process of onboarding FLEXPORT, a freight forwarding
and customs brokerage company based in San Francisco, California. Flexport is at
the forefront of something extraordinary when it comes to all things shipping and
logistics, particularly through the organizations robust Carbon Offset Program.
Flexport has found that carbon emissions from logistics can amount to 30% to more
than 50% of a company’s total carbon footprint, therefore in partnership with
Flexport we are pledging to significantly limit our carbon impact.

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